Modernization and westernization essay

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Why is Turkey Fighting Syria's Kurds? My whole life has revolved around two distinct cultures: Chinese and American.

Short Essay on Westernisation and Modernisation

These two cultures have worked in perfect harmony to shape the way I live. Throughout my life, I have come to recognize both the distinctions that set the two cultures apart as well as the crossroads at which the two cultures cross. The first time I experienced a cultural crossroads was when I went to China.

Little did I know, this was one of the many examples of westernization that had taken root in China and many other countries. The western culture had not only permeated the culture of fashion and language, but also food, economics, and music. In stores, western music was being played by well-known artists such as Taylor Swift. Grocery stores have an American section filled with familiar foods in shiny packages such as Pringles, Twinkies, Oreos, and more.

Now that I think about it, westernization has had such a long history in China that there are even words in Chinese that are borrowed from the English language such as pizza, soda, and chocolate. To learn more about westernization, I went to my mother who experienced westernization firsthand. She told me that the biggest change was from a communist economy to a market-capitalist economy. She was now able to buy unnecessary goods such as hamburgers, fried chicken, and french fries, the staple of an American diet. Another drastic change that occurred was the introduction of pop culture to society.

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Before westernization, my mother listened to traditional Chinese songs such as the national anthem, and the variety was very little. All songs were controlled by the government. After the westernization, Chinese artists started producing pop songs that mimicked American music at the time. The last important change that my mother observed was the increase in tourism both to and from China. Before, people were not allowed to visit China from other countries. After the westernization, many people traveled from all over the world to visit. My mother witnessed this change first hand, as she lived in the capital city Beijing, which harbored many tourist attractions.

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When she first saw foreigners, my mother was very curious about them because she had never seen a one before. This was just the beginning for her, as she later chose to immigrate to America, which was allowed by China because of the westernization that took place during the time. The question that westernization raises is whether countries should embrace it or shun it. Many opponents of westernization believe that by allowing it, countries lose their traditions and values.

However, this is not the case: Although westernization has negative effects, countries should allow the flow of western ideas in order to culturally advance their societies. To further expand on this idea, westernization will be examined in the countries of China, South Korea, and Japan. Westernization in ChinaIn China, many people are appreciative of what westernization has brought, but they are wary of what it may bring. One positive change that westernization has brought to China is television. According to Eric Fish who is a writer at Asia Society, Hollywood themes of spontaneity, nonconformity, and self-realization particularly resonated with young Chinese fans of American TV Fish.

American TV shows and the ideas portrayed through them are becoming increasingly popular with the Chinese youths. The most appealing aspect is authenticity. By comparison, Chinese TV can feel uninspired with relatively predictable plotlines and unambiguous characters. Heroes are heroes and villains are villains. But this appreciation for western culture is not felt by everyone in China.

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For instance, Chinese students almost unanimously stated that they thought Western democracy was unsuited for China Fish. This unanimous decision reflects Chinese dissatisfaction with the American foreign policy, as they have experienced and seen how America treats other countries and are unhappy about it. Although Chinese people may be uncertain or divided about westernization, numbers do not lie. The FDI of a country measures how much foreign investment is put into another country. Because China has such a large FDI, this means that other countries, particularly those in the west, are pouring money into China in the form of investment in companies and e-commerce.

Overall, China has experienced many positive effects of westernization in the past decades in the form of more variety in media and television and an increased FDI which has led to economic prosperity. This belief has risen steadily over the years- only 17 percent agreed with this sentiment in Obviously there is no clear definition of traditional values or a comprehensive understanding of modern values. The issue has yet to be settled in our society. The moment anyone speaks of modernizing society a barrage of criticism is hurled at him or her with no logical explanation to support their argument.

Their objection is always based on a false assumption that it is un-Islamic to modernize.

Even minor modern acts become under scrutiny and baseless suspicions. In our society there are those who perceive any act or behavior that does not have deep roots as Westernization, and is thus an aberration.

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  5. Is it being able to surf the net? Is it driving a car? Is it not wearing the scarf? Is it speaking in English? The answers to these questions will not satisfy many people and need a lot of clarifications. In our society there are those who perceive any act or behavior that does not have deep roots as Westernization. Opposition to modernization comes mainly from those who are against it because of a perceived Western origin. A lot of people are misled by institutions and people who assert that if we modernize we will be westernized and we will erode our values and compromise our Muslim culture and traditions.

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    However they fail to realize that modernization and Westernization are two different issues. We can no longer dismiss the need to modernize and fail to compete in the fast moving modern world of the 21st century.

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    We can no longer ignore the presence of women or recognize their role as contributing members in society. Today it is unacceptable to disrespect the role of women scientists and female nurses who contribute to science and save lives. It is also unrealistic not to show appreciation towards airhostesses who serve us on our travels, or to ridicule women presenters who often conduct TV interviews to shed light on major issues that affect our lives.

    How can anyone deny the inclusion of women into the public domain on this day and age!