Writing custom functions in excel 2007

From this point on, you can enter any formula into any cell, and instead of adding 10 percent as part of the calculation, you can use the word TaxRate. To take things a step further with this concept, you can use formulas as your Refers To: range rather than a cell address or constant value.

Most useful Excel functions with formula examples

Suppose you want to create a name that, when entered into a cell, automatically returns the SUM of the 10 cells immediately above it. Follow these steps:.

Type TaxRate in the Names: box. Click OK. Next, we check for each value in this range whether it is even or not. We use the Mod operator for this.

The Mod operator gives the remainder of a division. So 7 mod 2 would give 1. Having said this, it is easy to check whether a number is even or not.

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Only if the remainder of a number divided by 2 is 0, the number is even. Add the following If statement to the For Each Next loop.

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Add the following code line in the If statement. Now you can use this function, just like any other Excel function, to find the sum of the even numbers of a randomly selected range.


Writing Your Own Functions In VBA

Well done! Note: this function is only available in this workbook.

Excel VBA - Create Functions

User Defined Function.