Numbering tables in a dissertation

You can also set a table up so that Word automatically assigns it a number. We recommend that you do this, as it will ensure that your table numbers are always correct. For instance, if you add a new table in the middle of your dissertation, Word will automatically adjust the table numbers throughout the rest of the document.

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Using this Word feature also makes it easy to generate a list of tables. It is important that you always give each table a title. A table title should be clear and comprehensive enough that it does not need to be explained in the text. Readers should be able to understand what a table contains solely on the basis of its title.

Make sure you also follow any title specifications that either your academic program or the citation style you are using dictates. A note can be used for information that helps to clarify the data in a table. For example, you can specify p-values, define abbreviations or explain further details related to a particular row or column. However, how this should be done varies by citation style. Below we explain how you should handle a table from another source according to the APA Style. It is important that you always refer to your table in the text.

All tables should have a clear function. There is evidence that… see Table 2, Appendix 1. If you automate the numbering of your tables, you can choose to apply cross-references. This feature creates links in your text that lead directly to the corresponding table when clicked.

The advantage of this is that the numbering is always correct.

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In your running text, you only need to address the most important aspects of a table. For example, you might discuss results that are critical for answering your research questions without addressing all of the results that are presented. The idea is that readers can obtain the full picture by looking at the table themselves. Does each table have a number?

APA Style: Tables, Figures, & Appendices

Your table should be perfect now! Use the other checklist to further improve your thesis. Have a language expert improve your writing. Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Generate your APA citations for free!

Tables and Figures Lists and Captions

Home Knowledge Base Tips Tables in your dissertation. Tables in your dissertation Date published November 2, by Kirsten Dingemanse. Date updated: February 20, Dissertations and theses often include tables.

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Receive feedback on language, structure and layout Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on: Academic style Vague sentences Grammar Style consistency See an example. The table below shows that… Table 1 shows that…. Table 2 see Appendix 1 shows that… There is evidence that… see Table 2, Appendix 1.

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Does each table have a title that clarifies what the table is about? In the last post I showed you how to make an outline for your thesis in Word. You should now have a document outline with a list of headings for your sections maybe even a few sections filled in if you were feeling motivated to make a start! From here, we can move on to:. A thesis requires a detailed table of contents that lists the headings and page numbers of each section.

Rather than manually scrolling through your document making notes of where everything is and having to go back and change numbers every time you add something new or move a section why not let Word do all the hard work? When your document is properly laid out, generating a Table of Contents in Word is as simple as 1, 2, 3 something my silly undergraduate self could sorely have done with knowing 3 years ago!! The Table of Contents will be generated automatically using the different levels of heading that you defined when you set up your outline.

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  6. List of Tables & List of Figures?
  7. To make compiling this list less difficult, you can use a specific kind of label each time you insert tables and figures that will allow you to generate the list automatically in Word. Select a label from the dropdown list for what you are inserting i. Next to the caption Table 1 , add a title for your table, which will appear in the list of tables.

    Once your figures and tables have been captioned, inserting a list is very similar to how you created a Table of Contents. Ideally you will be inserting lists of figures and tables at the end when the layout of your thesis is pretty much finalized. Another useful tool found in the References tab is the Cross-reference button.

    Cross-referencing allows you to link back to other paragraphs, tables or figures referring to them in your body text.

    Use numbers and clear titles in the text